Focus Recruiter: 

Since 1998, our High Tech search and recruiting experts have been successfully partnering with leaders of innovative and exciting high-tech companies. Our mission is specific; to help these leaders identify and acquire the talent they need to secure a competitive advantage. Our expertise is in the identification, validation, and delivery of this talent.

We successfully match Impact Players to our client's specific requirements, which allow the delivery of the best available talent based on the needs of our clients. Along with the delivery of this talent we strive for retention of this talent that is above the industry average. Our results have been a retention rate of nearly 100% through the candidate's first year and over 98% through the candidate's first two years with our clients.

Our client partners come from the emerging technologies market with revenues below $500M, providing solutions for the following markets: DataCenter, Software Defined Networks (SDN), Cloud, Telecommunications, MSO and Mobility.

Our scope is Global with recent fulfillments occurring in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico) and Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, Australia, India and Singapore).

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