Testimonials & Recognition


"Greg listens and helps me gain an awareness to the opportunity from both a supply and demand side. He supports a partnership to reaching a solution." - Risk Control Leader, Midwest Insurance Company

"It is always a pleasure working with Westport One. All the staff I have talked to at Westport One has been pleasant and professional." - Underwriting Tech Supervisor, National Insurance Company

"Greg is a great ambassador for Westport One. He is a professional and ethical recruiter, which is difficult to find." - HR, Risk Management Firm

"Very responsive with communications, quick response to phone messages. This was a newer industry for him, initially the pre-screening was not so good, mostly due to misunderstood industry terminology. Once corrected, things were much better. Was tenacious in finding qualified candidates. I would highly recommend your services to others." - Executive Director, Leading Insurance Law Firm

"Greg, I would highly recommend you and your company for any staffing needs that we may have in the future. You understand what we are looking for in an employee and you work within the parameters we give you. I appreciate your efforts in locating, multiple, qualified candidates for us to consider during our search." - City Branch Manager, National Specialty Insurance Company

"Hiring someone can be a difficult process. Hiring someone in a completely different state is even more taxing. Without your consistent follow-up efforts to arrange all of the candidate interviews, I would have had my hands full. Your professional approach made the new hire process go very smoothly." - Loss Control Manager, Regional Insurance Company


"Jessica understood what I needed and found it for me quickly. Her follow-up was very good and timely. Thank you, Jessica." - SVP, Wealth Management Division of Top 5 National Bank

"My experience with Westport One, but in particular with Jessica Saenz was exemplary. Jessica is smart, articulate, and very thorough with respect to understanding all of our needs, getting a grasp of our culture, and finding appropriate candidates for us. I have had experiences with other executive recruiting firms, and this was by far the best experience I have ever had. I was impressed by Jessica's follow up, her communication both with me, and the candidates, partnership in making this experience such a good one. i truly found jessica delight- professional, thorough, responsive, great listener - understanding our needs, focused on hiring candidate who would help us build culture of excellence. not hesitate recommending her, westport one to others. thank you for pleasant experience." - SVP Manager, Wealth Management Division of Midwest/East Coast Bank

"Jessica was thoroughly professional and helped us through every phase of the recruitment process. She took the time to understand the role we needed to fill and found candidates who were both well-qualified and well-prepared for the process. She kept everyone focused throughout, and the result is a new team member who understands his new firm and its expectations of him, and a firm that has hired the right talent for the right role. Jessica was a great help in the process." - SVP/Senior Regional Trust Manager, Wealth Management Division of Top 5 National Bank

"Jessica is without any doubt the best recruiter I've worked with in my 35 years in the trust and investment industry. The candidates were all well qualified, she uinderstand the demeanor and personality of the person I was seeking, and her follow-up was excellent. I have several other candidates I am talking to that came from Jessica and all of them are equally as impressive as the one we just hired. Thank you Jessica! " - Executive V.P. Personal Trust Director, Wealth Management Division of Midwest/East Coast Bank

"I was very impressed by the quality of the condiates and the speed with which they were presented. I would happy work with Westport One again." - General Counsel & Secretary, Agri-Finance Division of leading Bank

"Jessica was excellent. She worked hard to find qualified candidates and followed up constantly." - Vice President & Regional Manager, Large Regional Southeast Bank

"Mary continues to deliver elite service to me in my recruiting endeavors. She is reliable, politley aggressive and has grown to understand my business. Most importantly, she presents qualified candidates who are both capable of and interested in my position. " - Division Vice President, Retirement Division of Top 5 Financial Services Company

"Mary started calling me a few months ago wanting to participate in our retirement plan wholesaler search. She offered to bring candidates to me for review. At the beginning I dismissed her and did not plan on giving her a chance. Mary's persistence finally paid off when I finally agreed to look at one of her candidates. I figured that anyone who worked as hard as she did to give her a chance would work hard to find me great candidates." - SVP, Fortune 200 Financial Services Firm

"I am writing you regarding the services Mary Risse has provided our firm over the last year. She has done a fantastic job recruiting experienced, quality candidates for our sales team. She is very persistent, organized, and has a very positive honest attitude." - SVP/National Sales Manager, Top Tier National Investment Firm

"I was having a great deal of difficulty finding capable and local Loan Processing professionals that met our requirements. I was fortunate enough to discover Anna Marie and Westport One while trying to fill another assignment. Anna Marie was quick to determine our job specifications and sent us several very capable candidates that we would not have been able to find otherwise." - Senior HR, Midwest Bank & Trust Company

"Throughout the search, Anna Marie kept me updated on the candidates and their qualifications. She even updated me when no new promising candidates had been found. Also, she handled the candidates and my rejections well. One problem I have had with recruiters in the past is getting too emotional over my rejection of their candidates. Anna Marie handled my turndowns well learning from them to eventually find the right fit." - SVP, Equipment Finance division of Southeast Bank

"First and foremost I'd like to thank you once again for your help and guidance in securing a new senior loan officer for our bank. After three months of employment I am convinced that he is the perfect fit for my bank and my unique situation. I know my demands and expectations were somewhat particular, but you did a great job in identifying and referring the right candidate for my particular situation." - President, Boutique Business Bank

"I would like to strongly recommend working with Mary Risse as a recruiter. Her follow up was excellent. She really put herself on my team in terms of, paying attention to what I wanted, knowing the marketplace, attracting the right candidates and then consistently following up with me. She helped to provide me with everything I needed to make decisions." - SVP, International Financial Services Firm

"During a recent search for qualified candidates, I was most delighted to be partnered with Mary Risse of Westport One for my recruiting needs. The current economic recession caused many positions to be vacated and/or lost. With Mary's knowledge of the industry, in addition to attention to my need, she presented me with several candidates who were all very qualified. Each candidate was prepared, articulate and had history in the industry as a professional, which were key for the open position." - VP-Client Management, Global Financial Services Firm

"Jessica, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Many thanks for working as hard as you did for us. You were very thoughtful, creative and respectful of everyone's time. Without you calling me to explain exactly why Jason was a good fit for us, we wouldn't have met with him. You added a tremendous amount of value." - Principal, New York based Investment Boutique


"This is the third (or fourth) position Jim has placed for us. Overall I have been extremely happy with the contributions & performance of the individuals we" ve hired through westport one. jim's insight and recruitments have directly increased our organization capabilities which positively impacted bottom line in 2010 - many thanks." - VP - Global Alliances, Telecom Software Company

"Jim has been outstanding in the quality of candidates and market knowledge he's brought forth to our recruitment efforts. Looking forward to doing business with him in the future. " - VP Americas, Global Software Company

"In August I worked with Jim Maxwell to find my company a new software sales rep. The experience we had was one I don't have often. Jim was very professional and had the process nailed down from day one. My ownership partners, who are very picky, were impressed with Jim and the process as well. I am already starting to see results from the hiring. The new rep already has 3 pending proposals and one closed deal. Westport One is now on my 'recommend' list." - VP, National Media Software Company

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Maxwell as he has assisted us in identifying and hiring critical personnel for our growing software company. At first, I was dubious as to how someone located in the Midwest would be able to assist us, but it became rapidly apparent that Jim was quite knowledgeable about the technology sector." - VP of HR, Media Software Company

"Jim 'cold called' me for business in February, I found his 'no nonsense' approach very refreshing. We agreed to work with him on a contingent fee basis. I was astonished at the volume and quality of the candidates he sent to us. Based on his commitment to our success, I signed a retainer fee agreement with MRI." - VP-Americas, OSS Company

"Your video conferencing system, along with your pre-screening techniques, was very helpful in determining which candidates were best suited for the position. Every candidate we interviewed was well qualified, and represented a good fit with our business." - VP HR, International Compliance Software Company


"I wanted to thank you and your staff for your excellent support during our recent executive search. Your efforts at pre-screening candidates were especially helpful, in that every candidate we interviewed was well-qualified, and represented a potential fit to our needs. The extra effort you put in upfront to understand our real needs was what allowed you to present such excellent candidates." - CEO, Electronic Systems Company

"I wanted to thank you for your excellent support during our recent search for President of our products subsidiary. Your video conferencing system, along with your pre-screening techniques, were very helpful in determining which candidates were best suited for the position. Every candidate we interviewed was well qualified, and represented a good fit with our business. Your extra effort in learning our business prior to looking for candidates realy paid off in minimizing the time spent with unqualified candidates. Finally, the professional courtesy you exhibited to both us and the candidates was great appreciated " - Chairman/CEO, Holding Company for one of worlds largest Engineering Companies

"I wanted to take a moment to recognize the excellent service that has been provided to us. I was experiencing quite a bit of frustration with our previous recruiting service when I received a call from Westport One. The AE came and met with me to discuss our needs and I was very impressed with process explained. I was also impressed with amount of time and interested invested in finding out about our company, our owners and our people, so that we could be best presented." - Project Manager, Midwest Engineering Consulting Firm


"Duane Wingate was an absolute professional in every way throughout the entire placement process. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the business." - EVP, Leading Construction Firm

"Your team did a great job! They quickly found the right person and we now have a new employee. Thanks for a job well done! " - Operations Manager, Leading Construction Consulting Firm

"I have only worked closely with Duane Wingate during the time I have done business with Westport One, so I do not have a true understanding if Duane's methodology is the exception or the norm at Westport One. I will say, however, that he is by far the best recruiter I have done business with in my career. I have elaborated on one of the key components of the process when using an outside recruiting firm to Duane, and simply put it is the knowledge that when you hand over a search to a recruiter, they get the same pit in their stomach knowing how important finding the right candidate as quickly as possible is, and they will conduct the search as if they have something to lose by not filling it, not only the opportunity to gain. Duane gets that concept, and he approaches each search as if he is truly a part of the team and as if he is truly responsible to fill it, not only that he stands to profit by filling it. That is the largest differentiator with my interactions with Duane as compared to other professional recruiters, and that is why Duane has become my "go to" person for nearly all of our critical hiring needs. If you can get all members of your group truly conducting their business with the same approach and philosophy, you will have very little true competition." - Vice President, Leading Construction Firm

"I have worked with a number of personnel recruiters over the past 20 years and I can say that Duane Wingate are the best I have worked with. They are people of integrity and I would contact Westport One for any additional staffing needs. Thanks to both of you!" - ESQ Manager, One of largest Internationl Construction Consulting Firm

"Duane spent a great deal of time getting to know me and to understand our needs and asked a lot of very good and pertinent questions about the transit business. Duane clearly stood out from his competitors when it came to his approach, his professionalism and his timeliness of response. To this end, Duane and I continue to work together and I enjoy challenging Duane with some quite unique recruitment needs in what is a very knit and niche type market." - VP of Operations, Top 5 Specialty Contractors


"Our AE was not pushy or overbearring which I appreciate due to my workload. Followed up exactly as I required, timed hire with me perfectly." - HR Manager, Top 5 National Restaurant Chains

"I cant thank you enough for the help you provided in supporting our recruiting efforts You made me look good. I will definitely keep you in mind should require outside services for future hiring needs and recommend you when networking." - Manager - Recruiting & Training, National Heat-Transfer Manufacturer

"Westport One has provided our company with excellent recruiting support since May 2004. Your work has been a major factor in our hiring success, helping us staff various accounting roles throughout the United States." - HR Director, a National Auditing Firm


"Brenda is awesome to work with. Truly understands what I am looking for in the positions she recruits for. " - Director of Nursing, Top 5 National Healthcare Networks

"Debbie did an outstanding job locating a candidate for our position which required a very specific skill set. I will certainly reach out to Debbie again with future openings." - Executive Director RX, Leading Healthcare Consultatnts

"This letter is regarding one of your team leaders, Ms. Brenda Isert. I have known and worked with Brenda for quite some time now. It's quite refreshing to work with one who consistently carries a pleasant and professional demeanor. I was quite impressed when Brenda took the time to visit our facility just to get a better sense of what we're all about." - Director of Radiology, Top 5 National Healthcare Network

"Throughout our working relationship, Brenda has always been very professional and informative. I have never felt pressured to interview a candidate and I appreciate her professional courtesy in this regard." - Director of Radiology, Midwest Progressive Healthcare Center

"I just wanted to let you know about Brenda Isert. Over the years Brenda has provided me with a level of service that more than parallels our own human resources department. She is always willing to go the extra mile for me. If she is doing that for me, then I know she must be doing that for her other clients as well." - Manager of MRI/CT, Top 5 Midwest Healthcare Network


"This was my first experience with Westport One. I will definitely look to them again the next time I need a recruitment service. I was very impressed with their speed and accuracy at pin-pointing the best-fit candidates for my position. " - HR Director, National Pharmaceutical Company

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your efforts in filling our open IT position specifically, our IT Manager position. Your professionalism and courtesy made working with you a pleasant experience. I look forward to working with you again in the future. " - HR Manager, Midwest Law Firm

"Im writing to tell you about the wonderful job Westport one has done for our IT department. Westport One was very open and honest with us throughout the process, and guided us very smoothly through what could have been a difficult situation. Their knowledge of the IT field coupled with their determination and professionalism made our search for a developer quick and successful. " - Intranet Applications Supervisor, International Electrical Compenent Manufacturer


"Please allow me this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate Debbie Maul. She knows our corporate culture and always sends people who not only have excellent qualifications, but fit in with our organization as well." - HR Manager, National Electrical Contractor

"Debbie, What a great job. You have placed 10 temps with me and what a great experience. I have a full team now and they are all doing so well. You have managed to find 10 people with the special skill set that we so desperately needed. I know it is very hard to find specialized medical personnel with computer skills too but you did it!" - Director-Content Management, National Group Purchasing Operation

"It is refreshing to work with such a dedicated and cheerful recruiter. I look forward to working with you in the near future for all our staffing needs." - Office Manager, Nationwide Physical Rehabilitation Facility

"I was recently introduced to Westport One through a "cold call" made by your Contract Staffing team. They were a great help to me during the search and continues to be conscientious with follow-up and feedback during this temporary phase of employment. Their attention to detail and professionalism have made the entire process much smoother than it could have been." - VP-Account Services, National Corporate Direct Mail Firm

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